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We capture your event and create a proceedings publication for delegates to review all the event presentations. They can dip into presentations by selecting slides of interest or choose individual questions from QA sessions.  All managed with secure content delivery and access that you control.

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The Event Capture Process

We can manage everything for you.  From creating and managing an event page registration and payment through to capturing and publishing proceedings of the event.  All done in a professional, flexible and creative manner.  And after the event, we help you control access to the proceedings; we organise follow-up webinars; and we create and manage training and CPD courses based on presentations given at the event.


We can provide you with a public or private web page with details and media resources for the event, sessions and speakers.  Registration options include flexible ticketing and payment – with QR codes for easy registration on the day. A digital version of your printed event brochure can also be published as an additional marketing resource.

professional event recording

The event is unobtrusively and professionally recorded.  This includes all speaker sessions, presentations and QA sessions.  Presentations, when given, overlay the presenter talk enabling viewers to watch both the presentation and presenter simultaneously.  Users viewing the recorded session can  navigate the presentation by clicking on a list of slide titles or individual questions from the QA session.

publishing the proceedings

Proceedings are usually published during the event as a secure menu-driven page-turning publication.  Click on the session of choice and view the presentation.  Fast, crystal-clear viewing on  desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

Choose how the proceedings should be viewed:  make them publicly available, viewable with a password, or only viewable by clicking a link from within your website.  If you wish, publish proceedings available as a free or chargeable subscription service with access available by invitation or through a controlled list.

continuing professional development (CPD)

Proceedings can be set up as a CPD course comprising one or more individual event sessions.  Progress through the individual event recordings is monitored and logged.  Successful completion results in the sending of a certificate to the user.  Regular reports of usage and completion are sent to the client.  If required, questionnaires can be included as part of the accreditation award process.


Facilitated or self-managed webinars are available for presenters to engage with delegates after the event.  These webinars are recorded and can be included in the proceedings publication.

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Knowledge Transfer is our Business

trade shows

Most trade shows have a seminar programme.  But not all visitors have the time to attend every seminar.  Now, in the comfort of their own time after the trade show, they can browse the seminar programme, dipping into seminars of interest  through the slide navigation system.


No matter the size of your conference, we can provide secure indexed interactive proceedings for delegates to browse at their leisure.  If you wish, they can comment on presentations and engage with the presenters though follow-up webinars. Extend your reach, by allowing invitees or public access on a free or chargeable tariff.


Do you find the cost of delivering routine training courses prohibitive with no measurable outcomes? We can turn your training events into e-learning courses with free or chargeable access. Progress is monitored and reported through a Learning Management System.

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We pride ourselves on our flexible innovative approach that makes it possible for us to help all organisation no matter the size and the complexity of the event.