record and publish your conference proceedings

conference capture

Give delegates a richer experience.  Build engagement. Enhance learning.  Develop new revenue streams

conference timeline

Create and publish a conference portfolio

Record all the conference sessions including any screen displays

  • Create a  proceedings video portfolio of all sessions including screen presentations
  • Add session and conference documents
  • Add slide and document navigation for easy reference
  • Enable moderated comments for conference follow-up
  • Apply password and domain protection to ensure the content is secure.



Decide what you would like to appear in the proceedings portfolio.  This could include video and screen recording of introductory and closing remarks plus all the speaker sessions and panel Q&A sessions.  The conference programme and individual session documents can also be included.


We can either work with your preferred videographer to record the conference proceedings – additional support is sometimes needed to capture the screen presentations – or we can arrange to record the conference oursleves.  In each case, you can be sure that the video recorded for the conference portfolio will be recorded and optimised for the best possible viewing experience.


Once we have the recorded material, we can start creating the proceedings portfolio.  This can include adding the conference programme and any other documents, slide navigation for the presentations, an interactive table of contents, user registration, and a moderated comments page.


eHow would you like the proceedings to be accessed?  Make it public with social media sharing and search engine optimisation.  Alternatively, password-protect the portfolio, require registration to view the presentations, and restrict access to users visiting your website.  You can place the proceedings in a members-only area of your website or charge for access by placing the proceedings behind a paywall.