Who we are

Reach22 has been providing innovative knowledge transfer solutions to industry and the public sector for over 20 years.   Our interest and passion lies in helping organisations disseminate and share knowledge to improve engagement and retention of clients and stakeholders.

1. Knowledgeable

Our services are built on a portfolio of  technologies seamlessly integrated to give our clients technical and business solutions that are proven, leading edge, and customer focused.

2. creative

Every client is special.  Every client has individual requirements and needs to be met.  We pride ourselves in finding new and innovative solutions to meet those needs no matter the complexity of the challenge.

3. experienced

Reach22 has been delivering  and publishing projects acress a wide variety of sectors and disciplines for over 15 years.  If there are problems, issues and unexpected delays then we’ve faced them – and overcome them.  We are flexible in our approach and centred in our drive to help our clients.


What We Do Best

listen to clients

We listen and tell you wha can be done and what is possible

engineer creative solutions

We take established technologies und used them in new and creative ways

adapt to change

When circumstances change, we adapt quickly and smoothly to the new challenge

technical excellence

We work to the highest technical standards to give you the  best possible outcome using the most appropriate technology

seamless delivery

Rooted in PRINCE methodology, we ensure all aspects of your project are covered and delivered on time and to budget

value and quality

At the heart of what we do is a commitment to give you excellence at the lowest possible cost.,

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