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Learn at your own pace.  Dip into video presentations using slide navigation.  Easily refer to supporting documents.  Join the conversation with comments.  Share with colleagues and download documents.  Any time.  On any device. 



Choose your presentation format.  Video or audio  presentation?  With or without slides?  We provide you with a step-by-step guide to recording a high-quality presentation that you can record and publish as a secure portfolio with supporting documents.

Enhance your presentations.  Add reports, brochures, papers, abstracts, catalogues.  These PDFs will be presented as page-turning documents below your presentation.  Users can navigate to individual pages using a nested table of contents

Slide navigation allows users to move quickly to individual slides by clicking on a pop-up list of slide titles while viewing the presentation.

Each portfolio comes with a table of contents that can either be hidden or displayed.  The clickable table of contents lists the presentations and documents within the portfolio.  You can edit the table of contents to include up to three levels to enable users to navigate quickly to individual pages within a document.

Do you feel strongly about the presentation or have a question about the content?  Leave a comment – and wait for the responses.  Alternatively,  request an email notification!

If you wish, you can enable social media sharing.  A button will be displayed in the Portfolio toolbar that makes it easy for users to share the portfolio on the most common social media platforms.

Give users the flexibility to download and print individual pages or whole documents from the portfolio.  This can be simply done by enabling a download/print button in the portfolio toolbar.

The portfolio is optimised to display presentations and documents on all device formats.  Some options may not be available on mobile devices due to security constraints of the mobile device operating system.

It’s simple to create video or audio presentations with or without slides.   Choose whether to add slide navigation, supporting documents and comments.  Decide whether to limit access or make it public.  Once published,  make changes, view statistics, and engage with users through comments and registration data.

Choose a format.  This could be audio or video with or without a screen presentation.  If presenter video with a slide presentation is chosen, we will optimise the output to accommodate, if necessary, a standard 4×3 presentation with an inset of the presenter video to ensure the best possible display.   Add slide navigation.  Add supporting documents.  These will be displayed as page-turning publications indexed in a clickable table of contents.

Engage with your users by encouraging them to leave comments – which you can respond to if you wish.   Choose whether to moderate the comments and get an overview of all comments through the comments portal.

Secure your portfolio with password protection.  Only users with the password will be able to view the portfolio content.  Video and audio presentations within the portfolio can only be viewed from within the portfolio.  Password protection can be added or removed at any time.

Prevent hot links!  Restrict access to your portfolio to users who have clicked on a link on your website.   Choose the domains and we will do the rest.  This feature can be turned on or off at any time.

Find out who is viewing your presentations.  You can enable user registration on individual presentations.  Registration requires users to enter a name and an email address five seconds into a presentation.  This user data can be viewed and downloaded from the client portal.  However, you can only use this data to contact the user about the presentation.

How is your presentation doing?  Log into the client portal and you will be able to see the latest viewing statistics for each of  your presentations.  If you need data for the portfolio as a whole, you can add Google Analytics to the portfolio.

If you need to add, edit or delete presentations and documents from the portfolio then you can easily do so through the client portfolio.

Attract more visitors to your portfolio by enabling search engine optimisation.  This feature will make it easier for Google and other search engines to index your portfolio.

Make it easy for teams to collaborate and disseminate video/audio presentations and documents.   Choose a level of security and how the portfolios should be hosted.  Manage team presenters and retain an overview of all content published.  A single account makes it simple to manage. 


Create a showcase of portfolios on different topics. Each portfolio can be authored separately by a team member or you may create portfolios with presentaitons and documents authored by different members of the team.

Your portfolios are hosted on Amazon Cloudfront to give a high level of network and application level protection.   Media content, displayed within portfolios, are hosted with Wistia, the world leader in hosting corporate videos.  Together they ensure that your content is secure and gives the end-user a high-quality viewing experience.  For additional security, you can restrict the domains from which the portfolios can be viewed and add password protection.

Invite team members to create their own portfolios using a team invitation link.  Team members will be able to log in to the client portal to view and manage their own portfolios. 

As team leader, you can use the client portal to view all the portfolios, presentations, and documents created on your account – and see who created them.

As team leader, you can view presentation statistics for each presentation created.  To get a wider picture of how the portfolios are performing, you can give your team contributors a Google Analytics ID that can then be incorporated into their individual portfolios once they are created.

With our Enterprise plan, we can customise the portfolios to your design and branding requirements.

Host the portfolios on your own website by downloading a portfolio zip file and uploading to your website.   To prevent users potentially embedding the media content on other websites, it is not possible to self-host the media files, unless you have an Enterprise subscription plan.

By inviting team members to create portfolios, you can avoid the need for your organisation to have multiple subscription accounts.  This approach save you money and ensures that you have an overview of all portfolio activity.

Most  areas of the economy and public life have a need to share and disseminate information and expertise.  Our portfolio approach to publishing presentations and documents in a format that is easy to navigate and encourages engagement, offers an effective tool for sharing knowledge and building relationships. 

Ideal for research teams to share reseach and ideas.  Create multiple portfolios with video slide presentations and supporting resarch papers, abstracts and proposals.  Enable moderated commenting to encourage conversations and dialogue.  User registration, password and domain protection together with secure hosting help to ensure that shared data is safe. 

Perfect for compliance, employee induction or general online learning.  Create multiple modular portfolios or individual portfolios with multiple video presentations and supporting page-turning learning materials.  Talk to us about integrating portfolios into your learning management system.

Extend access to stakeholders unable to attend annual general meetings or, consultation/committee meetings.  Make it easy for presenters to deliver video or audio presentations with or wiithout slides.  Make it simple for stakeholders to access and navigate  a single portfolio containing all the presentations and supporting documents.   Restrict access with password and domain protection.  Respond to questions privately or through a portfolio comments page.

Do you run sales events or attend trade shows? Don’t waste your presentations.  Create a product portfolio with short slide presentations that are easy to navigate plus supporting page-turning brochures or technical literature.  Encourage dialogue with comments and capture leads.

 Not everyone can attend your conference.  Make it easy for delegates and a wider audience to explore and learn from the knowledge delivered.  Monetise your conference proceedings.  Create a secure conference portfolio with video presentations from speakers together with supporting documents.  Alternatively, talk to us about capturing the live event to create the proceedings portfolio.

Do you regularly deliver professional presentations at conferences, workshops and seminars?  If so, why not recycle the presentations as secure knowledge portfolios with video slide presentations and supporting page-turning documents.  Encourage dialogue with the comments feature.  Capture leads with user registration.  Embed on your own website and let us help you monetise the content. Enhanced security and offer free or monetise the content.

Sometimes technical support needs to be more than a guide or a manual.  Create video slide presentations with supporting page-turning manuals, guides, and technical notes.  

You have a message to get across.  Translate your knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment into video presentations  with or without slides.  Add commenting to encourage dialogue and engagement.  Add supporting documents to reinforce the message.  Enable user registration to interest and build relationships.