record and publish video and audio slide presentations to engage and grow your audience

THe presentation glass tunnel
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Presentations with supporting documents, slide and page navigation, comments and team authoring

enhance learning Build engagement

Exploit Your Knowledge and expertise

Your audience deserves
to know more

Knowledge and expertise.  Your competitive strength.

Exploit your know-how as secure video and audio presentations with or without  slides and other resource material. 

Make it easy for users to dip into the presentation and resources as and when they wish on any device.

  • Create and publish video/audio slide presentations.
  • Add page-sliding supporting documents.
  • Enable slide and document page navigation
  • Add moderated comments and user registration.
  • Publish with password and domain protection.
  • Monitor how your presentations are perfoming.

enhance learning and engagement

Build team portfolios 

Leverage knowledge within your teams.  Enable team members to create their own portfolios or add their presentations to existing portfolios. 

  • Invite and manage your team presenters
  • Retain an overview of all content across all portfolios
  • Decide team policies for portfolio security and content management
  • Publish all portfolios to your website
  • Single account management for ease of operation

from recording to publishing

Steps to creating a presentation portfolio

  • Prepare your presentation
  • Rehearse it’s delivery
  • Check light and sound
  • Record – repeat till happy
  • Upload recording and any documents
  • Choose portfolio options
  • Determine security options
  • Publish the portfolio
  • Manage through the client portal
  • Monitor usage and users
  • Update content as necessary
  • Add more presentations
  • Invite team member contributions

The result:
A presentation that works time and time again




A video record of all sessions
Screen capture and integration
Professional event recording
Page-sliding conference documents
Browse by session, slide or question
Drill down to document pages
Comments for delegate feedback
Password protection
Allow access only from your website
Generate Pay-Per-View revenue

presentation portfolios

Why Choose Reach22?

You’ve invested a lot in your presentation or conferenc.  Make the most of it.  We  can help you extract even more value.  Give users and delegates a richer experience – and generate revenue – from controlled access to presentations and documents  displayed in secure portfolios. We make it easy.  

We’ve been helping clients for over 20 years to share knowledge and expertise.  Our portfolio and conference capture service is the culmination of many years’ delvelopment build on understanding our client needs. Let us help you.

increased value

Presentations come and go.  Yours will live on in memory and be a useful resource that users dip into time and time again.  

increased revenue

Generate new revenue streams with Pay-per-View portfololios or as chargeable extra or member benefit.

seamless fast delivery

From recording to publication , we offer a fast, flexible and seamless service.

lower cost

Drive your business forward with a serive that is unique and highly competitive.

our vision

Knowledge into Action