Who we work with?
Wherever knowledge is being shared, you will find Reach22.



event types

Knowledge Transfer Events

We work with a range of organisations and individuals to record events and to support knowledge transfer in a secure and accessible format

Sales and customer support

Not every client or prospective client can attend product events and roadshows.  We work with companies on capturing these client-centred events for wider dissemination and continuing customer support.

Conferences and seminars

We capture an extensive range of events from small programmes of regular technical briefings to larger annual events.  These events can be incorporated into a library of resources for attendees and other stakeholders.

trade shows

There is a lot to take in at a trade show.  Visitors find it hard to attend all the parallel presentations and seminars.  With our help, trade shows can make the seminar programme available to visitors in an interactive format during the event.

training events

Training is expensive.  Capturing and reusing training presentations as interactive e-learning courses is a cost-effective way to deliver training.  It allows learners to proceed at their own pace and reduces the time and expense of traditional training delivery. Our Learning Management System controls access to and monitors completion of videos that have been watched  with questionnaires to measure progress.  Certification follows successful completion of the course.

corporate and member events

Events such as annual general meetings, member events, and technical briefings can be captured and hosted in a secure environment only accessible by authorised users through a membership portal.


Who we Work With

The association

We have helped meembership organisations deliver professional developoment to their members.  CPD courses are created from live events and hosted for secure access by members.

the trainer

Experts find it time-consuming and costly to deliver training workshops.  With our help, thier courses can be captured and turned into accredited e-learning courses that can be marketed and managed as a collaborative project with Reach22.

the professional service

Accountants and other profesisonal services frequently engage with their clients by offering free seminars on topics of interest.  We  capture these seminars and provide timely client-only access to interactive recordings.  We work  fast.