When to use them
Do you run customer events to provide them with product support, awareness and technical knowledge? If so, why not make these presentations available to customers not able to attend on the day? And customers who do attend have the opportunity to view the presentations again to catch up on points they may have missed.

Sales presentations

Do you give presentations at conferences, exhibitions and to prospective customers? If so, why not capture the presentations and reach out to a wider audience. A great way to get your message across to global decision-makers you are unable to meet in person.

Training courses and presentations

Is your training budget under pressure? With Presentation Capture, we can help you reduce your training costs by helping you recycle your training events as online training modules or courses. We can even capture whiteboard work and record individual attainment.

Induction for new recruits

Running an induction programme for new recruits can be expensive; especially when senior staff are asked to deliver presentations. You can help keep these costs down by capturing presentations and making them available individually or for the group to watch.

Professional Development programmes

If you deliver presentations as part of an in-house or wider Continuing Professional Development programme then we have the tools that will help you deliver and monitor the programme more effectively with cost-savings and revenue opportunities. We can capturer your presentations and make them available within a secure learning management system that logs individual progress and supports wider collaboration and a community of learning.