What you gain
Every organisation has a reservoir of knowledge held by individuals that is hard to release and share with customers and across the organisation. Our presentation capture service offers a simple, effective way to release, capture and share that knowledge.

Leverage your investment in individual presentations

Presentations are expensive to create and deliver. By capturing and publishing the presentation you dramatically increase it's impact and cost-effectiveness. Better still, you can choose and target your audience.

Make it easy and attractive for a wider audience to view your presentations

The format we use to publish you presentation makes browsing the presentation a pleasure. No longer do users have to plough through a long video presentation or view a set of silent slides. Now, from any device, they can choose the slides they wish to view and at the same time watch and listen to the presenter. Add supporting documents and web links within the presentation plus the opportunity to email the presenter. And if required, the presentation can even be made available to view offline on an iPad.

Connect with the audience by including a QA session

No presentation is complete without an audience question and answer session. When we capture presentations, we give you the opportunity to answer a series of questions that you know are commonly asked about the subject being presented. By incorporating an interactive QA session into your presentation, you can be sure of connecting with your audience.

Reach out to your audience with a Talking Head promotional video

People make presentations. Enthusiasm, knowledge and performance are key to a successful presentation. We capture that enthusiasm and expertise in an informal two- minute Talking Head video with the presenter that can subsequently be used to promote the presentation.

Fast loading on all devices for customer satisfaction

We think it is important that no matter where you are and what internet device you have you should be able to view the presentation. That is why the presentations are designed to work on mobile devices and tablets as well as desktop computers. And if you choose the hosted option, we make sure that your presentation is always always available for fast loading from a local regional server no matter where you are in the world.