What they are

Interactive PowerPoint

ePresentations are interactive versions of a PowerPoint presentation with synchronized video of the presenter delivering the presentation matched to the individual slides. The e-presentation when published enables the user to move rapidly between slides and follow the video for that specific slide. If they wish they can skip through the video for a particular slide.

Mobile viewing

These presentations can viewed not only on desktop computers but also tablets and smart phones, making them an ideal resource for people on the move.

Talks and lectures with a whiteboard

Talks and lectures are captured and broken down into individual video segments that can be navigated through an interactive menu. And if you use a whiteboard, then the display is captured elecronically and synchronised with your talk.


Other features include the ability to search the presentation, email the presenter with questions, and attach relevant links and documents under a resource tab.

QA session

A QA session can also be incorporated into the presentation. Users can click on a specific question and watch the presenter responding to the question.

Talking Head

When we capture presentations, we all also give you the option of recording a short 2-minute Talking Head introductory video with captions for the presentation. This makes an ideal marketing tool for the the full presentation.


The e-presentation package together with the Talking Heads video is delivered to you for hosting on your own website. Alternatively, we can host it on regional servers around the world for fast access and upload the Talking Heads to YouTube for you. Finally, the whole package, can if you wish be added to our secure learning management system to enable restricted access and to log, if required, confirmation that indivudals have viewed the whole presentation.