Webinar Capture

An alternative way to record your presentations

What is a Reach22 webinar

With a Reach22 webinar you can host a meeting or seminar for up to 25 participants with audio, video and chat for as many participants as you wish. Upload and deliver a presentation, share your desktop, and use a whiteboard to annotate the presentations as the need arises. Everyone can be a presenter!. You choose.

Our webinars are designed to be used with participant engagement rather than as a static broadcast by one or more presenters. Better still, your webinar can be recorded for distribution after the event either for review or for individuals who were unable to attend the live event.

What can I do with a Reach22 webinar?

Informal meetings - Perfect for the occasional or regular meeting to cut down on the time and cost of participation.

Training events - Ideal for situations where delegates are dispersed and too few in number to warrant travelling to a training event

Follow-up to location events - Webinars offer an effective and practical way to follow up on delegates to a conference or training event

How do I set up a Reach22 webinar?

Reach22 webinars are included as a tool within your Knowledge Zone. It's easy to schedule the webinar and send out invitations. Alternatively, we can set up individual webinars for you as part of our Webinar Capture service.

Webinar Capture

Sometimes, it is not practical to record a live presentation using Conference Capture. We therefore offer a parallel service called Webinar Capture. With this service we offer you a facilitated webinar to deliver and record a presentation for publishing as a resource. If you wish, you can send out email invitations inviting up to 25 customers or colleagues to attend your live presentation. Generally, we would recommend a dry run with the presenter the day before the webinar is scheduled.

After the event you will receive a copy of the recording for distribution or for your website. If required, we can host the webinar recording for you.

Pros and Cons of Webinar Capture

Webinar Capture offers a quick and easy way of recording a presentation for a very small investment of time and cost. Providing that you have a quiet well-lit room with a multimedia computer and a fast internet connection then there should be no problem recording your webinar.

However, the recording will be of a lower technical quality than our comparable Conference Capture service. Navigation is also limited. Whilst you can navigate back and forth through the recording video, you do not have the opportunity to see all the slides in a menu and move between those of particular interest. With Conference Capture, you can also add an interactive QA session, documents and links and information about the presenter.

Prices for Webinar Capture start from just £80 + VAT