Turning your training into e-learning courses
We make it possible for trainers to reach new markets for their training. No need to spend a lot of time, effort and money on creating e-learning versions of your courses. Just deliver your standard course and we will capture it and turn it into an e-learning course for you.
Typically, a course may comprise a mix of presentations, discussion, and whiteboard work. All these can be captured together with multiple worksheets, resources, and demonstrations.
The end result is a professional seamless course that users can either dip into or be forced to work through sequentially. Delivery can be online or through DVD. Progress can be monitored and attainment measured.
Place your course in a Knowledge Zone to control access and build a relationship with your trainees for support, up-selling, and cross-selling of your courses. If you wish, you can even charge for your e-learning courses through the Knowledge Zone.