Trade associations and directories

Add value to your members and generate new revenue
We start with the directory information that you've compiled and we bolt on to it detailed technical or product information supplied in a PDF format or video by your members. We then turn this content into digital publications linked to the directory. The end result is an easy-to-read page-turning digital publication that users can browse through and search.
If they find something of interest than they can drill down to the information they need in the subsidiary member publication. As an example, the HVINDEX directory of heating and ventilation companies has approximately 300 pages of basic information. Behind it sits over 100 company publications with detailed product and technical information giving the reader instant access to over 20,000 pages of valuable information.
Going one step further, our professional development services offer you the opportunity to become a gateway for knowledge transfer in your industry. Not just through the publishing of multiple publications but also by capturing, compiling, and hosting individual and company presentations. These serve to support individual company sales and potentially to act as a portal for professional development within the industry.