Capturing your presentation

How it works

Individual presentations are captured at locations across the country. Just let us know of your interest and we will endeavour to offer you a location close to your workplace within 30 days. Each session lasts one hour and includes time for your presentation, a QA session and a Talking Head. We will send you a link and you can book your preferred one-hour time slot on the day.

Using the link we provide, send us the presentation together with any supporting documents or web links that you would like to include as resources. You can also send us a short profile. Your presentation ideally will be between 15 - 30 minutes long and have no more than 30 slides. You can also send us an email address to include together with three to five questions that you would like included in the QA session.

Recording your presentation

We aim to make the recording of your presentation as painless and informal as possible. However, it is important and natural to have 'nerves' before the event. This adrenalin rush helps to keep the presentation lively and brings out the best in your performance. Essentially, you are on stage giving the performance of a lifetime! For this reason if you wish to bring someone with you to act as your audience then they are most welcome.

We will spend a little time talking you through how best to deliver your presentation. You will be wired up with a wireless microphone and your presentation will be ready to deliver from a notebook on a lectern using a high-quality remote presenter - click a button and the slide changes.

Should you make a mistake during the presentation - it does happen - then we can stop and you can repeat the slide again

Recording the QA session

The QA session will give bite to your presentation. At the end of your presentation, we will stop to give you a breather before asking you pre-agreed questions for you to answer. Answers should last no longer than 2 minutes and will appeear on a special Q&A menu slide at the end of the presentation..

Recording the Talking Head

Although it can sound intimidating, recording the Talking Head for most people is a simple process, especially as you will have a clear idea of what to say from having just delivered the presentation. Again, we will ask you a question of your choosing, normally about why users should view the presentation. Try and keep focused on no more that three simple things that you need to say. And say them with conviction! You will be recorded using additional lighting against a blue screen, which gives an excellent effect. Here is an example:

Publishing the package

After your recording session, we will process the presentation and video to produce the interactive presentation. Any resources and presenter profile you have provided will then be added.

The answers from your QA session will be split out and added to a QA tab at the top of your presentation. Click on the tab and choose from any of the questions to see your answer.

Your Talking Head will now be edited to include captions and optimised for the web.

Finally, we zip up the presentation and the Talking Head and provide you with instructions and a download link to place it on your website. Alternatively, we will host both for you and send you the links that you need to play them.

If you have a Knowledge Zone with us, we will of course add the the presentation and video to your zone.

Example presentation  F10 Antisptic Solution.
In a rush?  Rather than wait for a Capture day, we can come to you to record your presentation.