Sales and Marketing Managers

Knowledge transfer for increased sales and customer retention
How to win and retain customers? One way is to improve the way you share your technical knowledge and product information. Customers should find it easy to access, digest, and respond to this information thus building new and closer business relationships.
At the simple level, we can take all your sales catalogues and technical literature and create attractive page-turning publications that are easy to read and search on all devices. Additional features include Standalone versions where Internet connectivity is poor, e-commerce options to increase sales, analytics to measure impact, and the inclusion of video to generate interest.
Going one stage further, we can capture and recycle your sales and technical presentations to provide customers with an easy way to access a deeper level of knowledge whether it be for sales or customer support.
These captured presentations are an effective way of engaging with customers at a deeper and more personal level than can be offered by literature alone. Combined with e-publications they offer an excellent way to bridge the gap between traditional litterature and face-to-face meetings. The interactive presentations are often used as a way to reach clients where a meeting may not be possible to arrange.
Apart from sales support, captured presentations also offer a cost-effective way to deliver training and customer support. Where necessary, use of the presentations can be logged and successful completion accredited as part of a CPD programme.
Taking it a stage further, captured presentations can be combined with publications, chat, discussion, and webinar events and recordings in a customer Knowledge Zone that also acts as learning management system.
Presentations can be captured either through events or through 'capture' days that can be organised onsite. Here is a guide for presenters that explains how the process works.