Digital Publications

8 Compelling reasons to publish
natural reading

1 A natural reading experience

Fast loading with page-turn, zoom, search and print to give a rewarding and enjoyable reading experience.  Many pages?   Add an interactive 'Quick Guide' for fast and easy browsing of the publication

2 Seamless mobile viewing

Relax in the knowledge that your publication can be read seamlessly on the iPad and iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones, and of course desktop computers.

mobile viewing
easy to publishnatural reading

3 Simple to publish

It's easy to add the e-publication to your website. Upload and then with an existing web page add a link or embed it within an existing web page. Alternatively, just make a link to hosted version.

4 Easy to distribute

Add a simple link to your email and send your readers direct to your publication. Better still, you can send them a link to a specific page. A great way to update your readers and measure success.

email distribution
offline publishing

5 Offline viewing

Download an offline version to your desktop or laptop. A perfect solution for a mobile sales team wishing to show a catalogue to clients.

6 High search rankings

Making sure search engines find and rank your publication is a priority to gain more readers. Your publication comes with a special built-in version for search engines. When a search engine visits your publication, it indexes all the individual pages of your publication. This will help give you high search engine rankings for the publication.

search engine rankings
rapid navigation

7 Rapid navigation

By adding an interactive table of contents or Quick Guide, you can ensure that your readers quickly find the information of interest to them. Many pages? Create a multi-tiered table fo contents with up to 5 levels. For very specific enquires, readers can use the speedy search tool to instantly identify pages that may answer their question

8 Social network sharing

Viral marketing using social networks can be key to increasing the readership of your publication. Readers can share your publication or even individual pages to social networks or by email with just two clicks.

social network sharing