Transform your PDF publications

Attractive digital publications for impact and a wider readership
You've gone to a lot of trouble to produce your printed publications. We know how expensive it is to produce a high quality attractive publication. Printing and distribution costs together with a short shelf life can make traditional printed publications an expensive luxury.
Traditionally, the alternative is to publish your catalogues and brochures in a PDF format that users can download from your website. But this approach has serious limitations both in terms of the quality of the reading experience and issues of portability and security.
Reach 22 offers another alternative. We can turn your publications into attractive page-turning publications that can be read on almost any desktop or mobile device. They are fast to load and can incorporate video for impact and ecommerce functionality to boost sales, ideal for catalogues.
One feature that clients highly value is the incorporation of an interactive table of contents. This enables users, wherever they are in the publication, to quickly navigate around the publication. It is particularly useful when multiple PDFs have been joined together to create a single publication, such as a brochure with accompanying technical data sheets.
Your publication is hosted on regional servers throughout the world for convenient and rapid access. Not everyone, however, has reliable internet connectivity. Enabling a standalone version of your publication means, for example, that mobile sales teams can utilise the publication wherever they happen to be.
If branding is important to you, we can customise the publication template to suit your website and company brand.
There is no 'one size fits all' solution to creating digital publications. The majority of our clients use the online digital publication service as is it meets most of their publishing needs. Some clients though have very specific requirements or are not sure about the best approach to take in creating multiple digital publications from their existing printed literature. In these cases we pride ourselves on offering a supportive and flexible service that allows us to help and guide our clients to achieve their business objectives. Where necessary we will go the extra mile to find solutions to intractable publishing problems