Multiple presentation capture

How it works

The format for multiple presentations follows the same format as single presentations; namely, the recording of a presentation, a QA session and a Talking Head.

There are a number of ways that we can capture multiple presentations for you:

On-site recording

We can visit premises to record multiple presentations over a half or a full day. The procedure is similar to the single presentations with individual presenters choosing a time slot and submitting their presentation and other resources in advance of the day. Alternatively, you act as the co-ordinator to set the time slots and collect the material.

There are a number of factors to consider including the availability of both presenters and a suitable room. We will provide you with a checklist to ensure that the room meets the recording needs and that the day goes smoothly.

Off-site recording

Alternatively, you can book a suitable meeting room away from your premises. This may be helpful if noise and interruption are at all likely during the recording session.

Create your own marketing or training event

A third possibility is to make the most of your session by setting it up the session as a marketing or training event. Customers or staff can then be invited to participate in the half or full day session, which would be treated principally as a staged event with the recording being a secondary factor.

Whilst the event format lends itself well to a QA session, it may not be possible to record the Talking Heads unless time can be set aside at the end of the event.

Join one of our Capture days

If you have up to three presentations then you can always book three consecutive sessions at one of our 'Capture' days that take place round the country and enjoy a special partner presenter discount.
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