Publication Quick Start

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A digital publication is an exciting new way for your customers to find detailed information about your products and to quickly place an order. You upload multiple brochures and data sheets for your products. These are combined into a single digital publication with an optional interactive table of contents listing your products.
The publication can be viewed viewed on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.
The primary aim of your digital publication is to guide customers quickly and easily to your products and services. Yur publication is hosted on regional servers for fast loading across the world. Additionally, you can place the publication on your own website and, if you wish, you can request an offline version - ideal for sales teams and exhibitions or trade shows. Better still, it is easy to update or make changes . You can use the publication in an email campaign with links that direct customers to individual pages in the publication. Individual pages can also be shared on social networks or email, downloaded or printed.
Your publication will have a table of contents that guides users to individual pages. You can have a hierarchical table of contents with multiple levels. Perfect, for multiple product ranges or publications with a table of contents.

Step 1: Choose your publications

Your publications should be in a PDF format and may include brochures, data sheets, leaflets or reports. They should ideally be optimised for the web but you may find you have some PDFs that are optimised for print. These PDFs may have bleed marks and have two or more publication pages per PDF page. If this is the case, we will need to edit the PDFs for you so that they display properly in the publication. There will be a small additional charge for this work.
The usual format for PDFs is A4. This format allows individual pages within the publication to be zoomed for easy reading. Some of your publications, however, may have a landscape orientation. These pages will zoom as a double-page spread and the pages will slide rather than turn. If the design does not spread over two pages then we would recommend the pages are split into two A4 pages. They will still appear as a two-page spread but the individual pages can be zoomed. If any of your publications are A5, A6, or DL size then please let us know when the publications are uploaded.

Step 2: Upload your publications

When you're ready, you can send us the publication PDFs using the tab at the top of this page. If you prefer or if you have more than 15 publications, download and complete this PDFs spreadsheet. You can either supply PDF download links or upload the files to our dropbox.
Your PDFs should be listed in the order you wish them to appear in the publication. Each publication should have a title, which will be used in the table of contents.

Step 3: Add video (optional)

YouTube or Vimeo video clips can be incorporated into your publication. These can be added to a new blank page or overlaid onto existing text or images on a page. Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this feature.

Step 4: Check the table of contents

Once we receive your PDFs, we will create a preview version of your publication. We will also send you a download link for your table of contents spreadsheet. The spreadsheet enables you to create a hierarchical table of contents with up four levels for all the PDFs and videos in your publication.
When you first open the spreadsheet, it will show a list of your PDFs in the order you requested at 'Level 1' in the spreadsheet together with their respective page number. If you wish you can move some of the titles to a lower level and create a new 'group' heading at the original level. You may also wish to add new entries for pages within a publication. These will be at a lower level below the publication title.
Some of your PDFS may have their own table of contents pages. If you wish, we can for a small charge extract the entries and build them into the the spreadsheet for inclusion in the publication.
Finally, should your table of contents have more than one entry at 'Level 1', you will need to enter a single higher level category that will be used by the guide publication to guide users towards your table of contents and hence to your publication.

Step 5: Publish

Once we receive your completed table of contents, we will publish your publication. You will also receive a zip file containing a copy of the publication for publishing to your own website.
In addition, we will provide you with acce3ss to a client portal to make simple changes to the publication, including enabling an offline version, report problems and view FAQs and invoices.

Making changes

Should you wish to make content changes to your publication once it is published then we can do this for you. Just use the client portal to tell us what changes need to be made. This could be an update to a PDF, a new PDF or the deletion of an old PDF. We will make the necessary changes and re-publish. You will receive a new copy and the changes will be reflected in the guide publicationat the next monthly update. There may be a small editing charge for this service if your publication contains more than one PDF.