Conference Capture

Greater value for delegates and new revenue opportunities

Conference Capture - a new approach

If you run conferences or seminars and are looking for ways to give greater value to your delegates and generate extra revenue then we may have the answer.

Conference Capture offers a simple way to capture the presentations given at an event and make them available in an attractive interactive format for delegates after the event.

Review presentations after the event...

The interactive format we use makes it easy for delegates to quickly find individual slides of interest and view the presenter talking to the slide whilst they review its content. And better still, these can be viewed on mobile devices as well as desktops making them ideal for reviewing the event whenever a spare moment arises.

... and panel sessions

And it's not just the presentations, we can capture any panel or QA sessions, or indeed opening or closing remarks. These also can be turned into an interactive resource.

It's easy to publish...

The captured event can either be supplied to you as a standalone website either hosted or supplied on multiple event DVDs as a standalone website.

We aim to publish the proceedings for you within 48 hours whilst the conference is still fresh in the minds of the delegates.

... with revenue opportunities...

Should you wish to generate additional revenue, then access to the website and presentations can be made chargeable.

... using self or managed hosting

The Conference Capture event proceedings are delivered to you for hosting on your own website. Alternatively, we can host it on regional servers around the world for fast and reliable access.

Finally, the whole package, can if you wish be added to our secure learning management system to enable restricted access and to log, if required, confirmation that individuals have viewed the whole presentation.

Interested in risk share? We are happy to talk to you about capturing your event as a joint venture.  Find out more